New BITS PDFs: Power Projection: Fleet

Power Projection Fleet

BITS are very pleased to announce that the Power Projection: Fleet has been released as a PDF, making our fusion of Traveller and Full Thrust starship combat available once more.

Purchase from RPGNow.


New BITS PDFs: 'Tis the season to be Jolly...

‘Tis the Season to be Jolly’ – and in the spirit of trying to make Travellers everywhere even more jolly at this seasonal time...

BITS are very pleased to announce that the last six books in the 101 Series (Lifeforms, Patrons, Plots, Rendezvous, Religions and Travellers) have been released as PDFs, as well as our skirmish rule set At Close Quarters.



The intention of all the
BITS supplements is to provide quick-to-access resources for the harassed Traveller Referee, fleshing out the worlds and people that your adventurers encounter, with plenty of ideas for adventure sessions, sub-plots and red herrings. The 101 Series has been out of print for some time and have never - legitimately - been available as PDFs before.


For a dose of extra seasonal jolliness, you can pick up the all the 101 Series supplements released to PDF in one reduced-price bundle, saving 20%!

We plan to release the remainder of the
BITS back catalogue (such as our adventure books and Power Projection) over the coming months. Check back here or follow @BITS_Traveller on Twitter to be kept up-to-date on our plans

Buy the reduced price bundle of ten 101 Books (does not include At Close Quarters)
Buy 101 Lifeforms
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Buy 101 Rendezvous
Buy 101 Religions
Buy 101 Travellers
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These PDFs are the original
BITS products and so you’ll find the older ones don’t mention Mongoose or even GURPS Traveller (we released the first 101’s just after Imperium Games launched T4!) In addition, Mongoose are pulling together the 101’s into larger books: 101 Cargos, 101 Starcrews and 101 Travellers form the core of the first of these, Supplement 13: Starport Encounters.


New BITS 101 PDFs - How's your Corporate Governance?

BITS are pleased to announce that the release of two more of the 101 Series as PDFS:

101CorpsCoverSmall 101GovCoverSmall

101 Governments
and 101 Corporations are now available for purchase and download. These are excellent resources for the harassed Referee, with plenty of ideas that can spark an adventure session off. They have been out of print for some time and have never - legitimately - been available as PDFs before.

We plan to release all the 101 Books in this format, along with most of the remaining back catalogue such as
At Close Quarters and Power Projection over the coming months. Check back here or follow @BITS_Traveller on Twitter to be kept up-to-date on our plans

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BITS 101 Series releasing as PDFs - Need are Cargo moving? We've got a ship and crew for that!

BITS are extremely happy to announce that the back catalogue of 101 Series ‘little white books’ is to be made available once again in electronic format through DriveThruRPG / RPGNow.

101 Cargos and 101 Starcrews are now available for purchase and download. These represent the first and last 101 Books released and are excellent resources for the harassed Referee. They have been out of print for some time and have never - legitimately - been available as PDFs before.

We plan to release all the 101 Books in this format, along with most of the remaining back catalogue such as
At Close Quarters and Power Projection over the coming months. Check back here or follow @BITS_Traveller on Twitter to be kept up-to-date on our plans.

Buy 101 Cargos
Buy 101 Starcrews


BITS Webshop Back Online

In case you missed it, the BITS Webshop (hosted courtesy of Ancient Tomes) is back online, free from eBay’s loss-making constraints!

You can order your BITS Traveller products here.



eBay cause (temporary) demise of BITS Webshop!

Unfortunately, due to the recent significant increases in eBay fees for webshops, we have have been forced to close down with BITS Webshop at Ancient Tomes. This is as we could no longer sell products without making a loss (we have never priced highly compared to other publishers as a deliberate policy) via eBay Shops. We are working on a fix, and should have a new facility up soon.

Thank you for your patience.

The BITS Team.

BITS Products back in Stock

Products Medley
We've had a limited restock of most of our titles, which are suitable for use with Mongoose Traveller, and most other editions. You can find them at our eBay webshop here.


Traveller: Universe now available directly from BITS

Peter Trevor's Traveller: Universe can now be purchased directly from BITS via our webshop on eBay.

Full details about Universe can be found here.


Review of 101 Patrons

Nigel Swan has reviewed one of our older books, 101 Patrons, on

You can read the review here. We love to know about reviews of products (bad or good), so please feel free to let us know if you see any, or produce a review yourself. have also reviewed GDW's MegaTraveller Rebellion Sourcebook and the Classic Traveller Double Adventure Chamax Plague/Horde recently.

If you'd like us to post links to reviews to Traveller products other than the BITS ones here in the future, just let us know through the comments.


Ad Astra now taking orders...

Ten Ships...
Ad Astra Games have announced that they are taking pre-orders for the first two miniatures fleet boxes for Power Projection, plus they now have the US edition of Power Projection: Fleet available to order.

More details on the Power Projection website.


Limited Number of copies of 'Cold Dark Grave' available from our Webshop

We've put all the unsold copies from the initial run of 'Cold Dark Grave' up at our webshop on eBay. If you fancy a Classic Era Traveller adventure, it may be just your cup of tea! This was only a small volume run, so will not be in retail until the second print run is completed, which will be at least a month.

If you do happen to buy a copy and like it, please feel free to review it at one of the online RPG sites like

Here's the quick description I posted in the comments when I first announced the release:
Cold Dark Grave is set in Yres, in the Regina subsector, one of the two systems involved in the last battle of the Fourth Frontier War. The characters all work for a belt mining company which is struggling through the post Fifth Frontier War depression. A job offer they can't afford to ignore comes along and events ensure.

This is a predominantly space based adventure set in the Classic Era. The scenario has been one of our most popular at cons over the last two years.


'Cold Dark Grave' released [updated]

Cold Dark Grave
The latest book from BITS was released at Conception 2007 this weekend. The photo above is by Neil Ford (thanks Neil!), and shows some of the physical copies we received in time for the show. News on distribution and availability to follow. 'Cold Dark Grave' is an adventure set in the Spinward Marches after the Fifth Frontier War.

UPDATE: The copies shown here are the initial smaller run we do before the main release, so we only have a limited number as yet. I'll update here as soon as I have more.

Traveller Universe & GnomeTrader

As you may know, Peter Trevor's excellent Traveller: Universe software published by BITS is fulfilled via GnomeTrader. Unfortunately, they have had an issue with their webshop, which will not be back up and running until the start of 2007 for a variety of technical reasons.

In the mean time, Traveller: Universe is still available and costs £15 plus postage. Please use the contact form on this site to let us know you are after a copy and I will forward your enquiry to Peter himself, who will arrange for payment and shipping.

Apologies for any Inconvenience.

Dom (BITS Webmaster)

Review of 101 Starcrews

Revolution SF have a detailed review by David Lai of our last release, 101 Starcrews, which you can find here. If you wanted more detail than the product pages give, it's worth a read.

If you know of any other reviews of
BITS products (beyond those on Freelance Traveller), let us know through an email or the comments on this blog.


Sneak Peek....

This is a quick sneak peak of a ship that will be in a new BITS book out later this year. This isn't for Power Projection: Reinforcements, but for a new classic era adventure, 'A Cold, Dark Grave'.

Fleet Tender

It was modelled by Nick Bradbeer, and shows the ship before any textures or details are added.


Reviews of BITS products

I was recently looking through a number of the web-based RPG sites (such as which have reviews of games to find some information on a game I hadn't heard of before. It was pretty useful and influenced my decision to buy the game. Out of curiousity, I then started to see if I could find reviews of BITS books on the same sites, and pretty much drew a blank.

I'd like to be able to get some impartial reviews linked from the pages that describe our products here on the site. If you know of any reviews, please feel free to send me the URLs using the contact page. If you're feeling incredibly generous, and own the BITS products yourself, please consider reviewing them for one of the sites on the web like and Freelance Traveller and let us know the links. We can't offer anything but thanks - and a link to your review - for this, but you will be helping to raise the awareness of BITS and Traveller!



PS I know that most of the books are reviewed on JTAS, but this is a subscription website, so not available to people generally!

Two Steps forward, One Back...

We've become a little more organised here at BITS central, and we actually have a plan of what we want to get done by when. if all goes well, that should see several products out into next year, with at least one at Dragonmeet this year.

However, as ever, we get those little challenges. Neil has been slaving away, painting the miniatures for me to photograph for Power Projection: Reinforcements, and everything was going brilliantly for a handover this weekend at Continuum. And then the varnish incident happened. Unfortunately, this has turned all the minis white, putting us back a couple of weeks. So, we have 'the wrong kind of varnish on the minis', much like the famous British Rail quote, 'the wrong kind of leaves on the tracks'. Fortunately, we have ways to recover the overall programme, but sadly not Neil's time. The minis are now being stripped off and restarted...

The newsletter is also being proofed at the moment, so expect to see that soon if you are a BITS member.


BITS eBay Webshop Re-stocked.


Our eBay webshop, AncientTomesUK, is now restocked with 101 Corporations and Power Projection: Escort after they have now been reprinted. If you are a BITS member, don't forget to contact Richard via the eBay messaging system to give him your details. He will verify these and then apply your discount when he invoices.

Dom (BITS Webmaster)


Two entries in Warehouse 23 Top 10

Obviously, the restock to Warehouse 23 has gone down well! I've just looked at the sales charts for March 2006, and 101 Starcrews was the No 1 non-SJ Games product, with 101 Rendezvous as No 8! It's great to know the books are popular and useful! Thanks.

We've also added a handy page that lists the places you can get BITS books from. You'll notice that a couple of our books are out of stock at our eBay store. We've not discontinued them - rather, they are being reprinted and we haven't had them back from the print shop yet. However, some of the other stores still have them.

US availability of BITS products

We've had a few emails from Traveller fans in the USA recently who were worried that a number of our products were out-of-stock at Warehouse 23, Steve Jackson Games' webstore. We've been in touch with them since as they usually automatically re-order, and it appears that this didn't happen, probably because they were relocating. Anyway, they've placed a large order that should arrive this week, which means that such delights as 101 Starcrews and Power Projection: Fleet will shortly be in stock.
UPDATE - Warehouse 23 is now restocked.