Cold Dark Grave

Travcon 09 and Concrete Cow

Should be pretty much over as I post this, and it sounds like it has gone well. I’ll be uploading the reports and pictures once the team get them through to me.

Meanwhile, over in Milton Keynes, Concrete Cow was running as well. Graham Spearing ran “Cold Dark Grave” at the con, and got some good feedback from one of the more demanding players and refs over there. You can find out more here, on the report on UK Roleplayers.

More soon, hopefully.


Cold Dark Grave and Power Projection: Escort now available in the USA

Mystic Station Designs have taken delivery of our new adventure "Cold Dark Grave", plus restock of Power Projection: Escort for the North American market. They have also got copies of pretty much everything we've written in the past.


Limited Number of copies of 'Cold Dark Grave' available from our Webshop

We've put all the unsold copies from the initial run of 'Cold Dark Grave' up at our webshop on eBay. If you fancy a Classic Era Traveller adventure, it may be just your cup of tea! This was only a small volume run, so will not be in retail until the second print run is completed, which will be at least a month.

If you do happen to buy a copy and like it, please feel free to review it at one of the online RPG sites like

Here's the quick description I posted in the comments when I first announced the release:
Cold Dark Grave is set in Yres, in the Regina subsector, one of the two systems involved in the last battle of the Fourth Frontier War. The characters all work for a belt mining company which is struggling through the post Fifth Frontier War depression. A job offer they can't afford to ignore comes along and events ensure.

This is a predominantly space based adventure set in the Classic Era. The scenario has been one of our most popular at cons over the last two years.


'Cold Dark Grave' released [updated]

Cold Dark Grave
The latest book from BITS was released at Conception 2007 this weekend. The photo above is by Neil Ford (thanks Neil!), and shows some of the physical copies we received in time for the show. News on distribution and availability to follow. 'Cold Dark Grave' is an adventure set in the Spinward Marches after the Fifth Frontier War.

UPDATE: The copies shown here are the initial smaller run we do before the main release, so we only have a limited number as yet. I'll update here as soon as I have more.