Reviews of BITS products

I was recently looking through a number of the web-based RPG sites (such as which have reviews of games to find some information on a game I hadn't heard of before. It was pretty useful and influenced my decision to buy the game. Out of curiousity, I then started to see if I could find reviews of BITS books on the same sites, and pretty much drew a blank.

I'd like to be able to get some impartial reviews linked from the pages that describe our products here on the site. If you know of any reviews, please feel free to send me the URLs using the contact page. If you're feeling incredibly generous, and own the BITS products yourself, please consider reviewing them for one of the sites on the web like and Freelance Traveller and let us know the links. We can't offer anything but thanks - and a link to your review - for this, but you will be helping to raise the awareness of BITS and Traveller!



PS I know that most of the books are reviewed on JTAS, but this is a subscription website, so not available to people generally!
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