UK Games Expo 2015

British Isles Traveller Support are pleased to announce we will be attending UK Games Expo 2015 on May 29th to 31st at Birmingham NEC Hilton Metropole

More details on the convention:

We will have a trade stand in the Palace Suite (P32) next to Leisure Games selling a wide range of new and second-hand products for Traveller and many other systems.

As with previous years, we will be running a series of RPG tables using the Mongoose Traveller ruleset. Our RPG adventures will be a varied adventure set written by our ever aging stable of crack (ed) GM's.

More details of slot times located at

As always find us at and for more info on BITS and Power Projection.


The BITS Team
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New BITS PDFs: Power Projection: Fleet

Power Projection Fleet

BITS are very pleased to announce that the Power Projection: Fleet has been released as a PDF, making our fusion of Traveller and Full Thrust starship combat available once more.

Purchase from RPGNow.


Apologies for the break in service

It appears we have suffered a misjump, but we’re back and as soon as the navigation data is resolved then things should be hunky-dory. Well, mostly. We have lost some files and pictures, but I will recover them from archive over the next week or so. will be down for will be back in the next two weeks, as it was on the same server.

(We’ve had a big issue with our host and their lack of communication and help has led to us relocating the domain name server and the server to another company.)

Apologies that it has taken so long to resolve.

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