Salute 2006 Report

A convention report from Nick: unfortunately no camera as that was my job and it got forgotten when I pulled out.

BITS was represented at Salute! 2006, although with Dom suddenly taken ill, only Andy and I were there. I arrived later than I meant to and had to take off early, so Andy had to do all the hard work of setting up and taking down, as well as relieving Keith on the trade stand, while I just ran some demo games.

Salute being a wargames convention, we were only running Power Projection, rather than our usual RPG sessions. We stuck to the tried and tested format of running small quick games and trying to persuade anybody who stood still near the table to grab a ship and have a go. A lack of wine gums prevented us from
running the Mooney Asteroid Belt (AKA 'Battle of the Maynard Belt') introductory scenario, but luckily it turns out that free sweets aren’t the only reason people play the game.

For the most part, we stuck to the lightweight ships from Power Projection:Escort, most of the games being straight-up small ship engagements between familiar Imperial and Zhodani forces. There was a sneak preview of some of the material from the upcoming Power Projection:Reinforcements book, with some Sword Worlds ships making an appearance, as well as the Convoy Raid scenario and a couple of optional rules.

For such a small BITS presence we had quite a lot of interest, with demo games running almost constantly and often two at once. Two or three people asked me if this was the same Traveller they’d played twenty years ago, and we had a couple of very enthusiastic kids at the end who played three demos back to back and were getting pretty mean at the whole starship command thing by the time I had to head off.

I just wish we had miniatures as cool as the Cloudships of Mars ones.

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