DRAGONMEET 2011 - London, 26 November

Tap. Tap. Tap. Blows dust... “Is this thing on?”

“This is the crew of the
BITS Traveller, emerging from low berth after a 6 month hiatus. Systems seem nominal and we can confirm we are go for landing with both the demonstration and retail modules. Target system, codename DRAGONMEET 2011, will be reached in a little over 8 days travel time. Let’s hope the natives are still friendly.”


We’re pleased to announce that BITS will be attending Dragonmeet 2011 at The Kensington Town Hall in London on Saturday 26th November 2011. This is our twelfth year at the show which is always a great event. We will be running demos and also have our trade stall. Come by and say hello and find out how we’re doing with the various projects...
Further information can be found at
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