GenCon UK: 28th-31st August 08 - Loren Wiseman as special guest

We are pleased to announce we will be attending Gencon UK 2008 from 28th to 31st August 2008 at Reading University, Reading, England.

As with previous years, we will be running a series of RPG tables using the new Mongoose Traveller ruleset. Our new RPG adventures will be based around the continuing saga of the trader ship Angel's Share in a linked series of adventures set in the Spinward Marches. Parts 1-3 were run at Gencon UK 2007 and Parts 4-6 will be the main feature this year.

As part of the convention, BITS Director Andy Lilly will also be running a special Charity Auction game with Loren Wiseman guest playing and the other 5 places going to the highest bidders.

We will also be running demos of Power Projection: Fleet, our Traveller starship combat game.

More details of scenario times and general convention details can be found at

As always find us at and for more info on BITS and Power Projection


The BITS Team
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