TravCon 08 - Traveller and Curry! UPDATE 2

Once again, our fearless drinker stringer reports to TAS on TravCon 08:

Hello again,

We've just got back from another fine curry. The afternoon slot saw another three games of
Traveller. The evening slot is just about to kick in with a couple of games being played. We'll have to see what the morrow brings.

Highlights of this afternoons session were
Cold Dark Grave get another run out and the fine George Wright's beer brought along by Derrick. Yes, Neil was able to find six players who'd never played Cold Dark Grave!

The prediction for Man of the Con goes to Simon who looks to be trying to run the whole of the
Angel's Share saga at the con. All the best, Neil

Hopefully pictures tomorrow!

(Angel's Share is the new mini-campaign being prepared for publication by BITS.)
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