Traveller at Con-Quest: An Angel with a Halo (April)

Dave Elrick and Simon Bell are running Traveller at Con-Quest in Derby:

HALO: The Road to Perdition
System - Traveller
Morning Slot, 10th April 2010
GM: Dave Elrick

The year is 2552. Earth is at war. The alien forces of the Covenant attacked the outer colonies a generation ago, and have been pushing humanity back ever since. The fortress world of Reach has fallen, and Earth itself is threatened by the fanatical aliens. Even humanity's greatest warriors, the genetically enhanced SPARTAN-II supersoldiers have been destroyed.

Still, there is hope. Humanity's technology is inferior to the Covenant in almost every respect, save the creation of artificially intelligences. Military AIs can outthink and outfight whole Covenant battlegrounds. The fight is not even close to even, but we have a chance.

You are part of the fightback. The world of Perdition was overrun by the Covenant two years ago, but a month ago, a subspace message was received. It was a Covenant transmission, redirected by someone on Perdition and translated into English.

Your team has been sent to find the source of the transmission and, if possible, regain control of Perdition.

A Traveller game for up to 6 players set in the HALO universe. (Halo is a trademark of Microsoft, ultimately, and all rights are reserved).

Angel’s Share Part 6: Storm Warning
System - Traveller
Morning Slot, 10th April 2010
GM: Simon Bell

"Quiet times require quiet missions and this one looked easy. Jumping into an interdicted system owned by your employers with two passengers and some cargo can only be easy, right? There's a storm coming and only the crew of the Angel’s Share can stop it...hopefully"

Join BITS for the continuing (and soon to be published) tales of the crew of the free trader Angel’s Share. A BITS/Dave Elrick scenario powered by Mongoose Traveller.

4-6 players, Duration: 4 Hours

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