Mongoose Traveller Open Day

On Saturday September 5th, Mongoose is throwing open its doors for fans of Traveller. Taking place at our offices in Swindon, it is completely free to attend, and everyone is welcome, whether you have played Traveller before or not!

Doors open at 9:30, and games begin at 10am, finishing at 5pm - and we have some special games lined up for you!

Rumble at Bay 13: It's your ship, so no one's going to take it from you. A miniatures skirmish.

Judge Dredd: Enforce the Law in the world's most violent and crime-ridden city.

Masks: Settlers are on a poor frontier planet under the watchful eye of the Imperium. What could possibly go wrong?

Seek and Destroy: Take the part of Elite commandos rescuing hostages on a starliner.

Strontium Dog: Be the first to take part in this new setting for Traveller, where everyone plays a mutant bounty hunter.

Noble Blood: A noble retinue searches for a family heirloom.

Cold Dark Grave: You have one last chance to make enough money to keep your mining company running.

As always, the Mongoose store will be open all day, giving you the chance to pick up the latest goodies for Traveller and our other games.

Directions to Mongoose's offices can be found at;

See you there! BITS are supporting this.
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