TravCon 08 is coming...

TravCon 08 is a Traveller roleplaying game convention held near Sawtry (between Peterborough and Huntingdon on the A1M), currently planned to take place on the weekend of 14-16 March 2008. We have accommodation and playing space for 25-30 attendees for a great weekend of Traveller roleplaying (all are welcome, but initially BITS members will be given booking preference).

The hotel is comfortable, with en-suite facilities in all rooms, has ground floor rooms for a limited number of disabled attendees and a couple of conference rooms for gaming. The hotel provides breakfast; lunch and dinner venues include an adjacent Indian restaurant, small snack shop, or take-away from nearby Sawtry.

To help people plan their days and to give everyone a chance to play in several games, we will be organizing the weekend into a morning, afternoon and evening gaming sessions, with the opportunity to play BITS scenarios or to bring your own adventures to run (preferably having notified us so that we can advertise games to the attendees well in advance of the con). We also intend to run fun competitions of both Power Projection starship battles, and At Close Quarters miniatures skirmishes, there will be the BITS trade stand and a Bring & Buy (for any roleplaying stuff you want to try to sell to other attendees) and more fun stuff as we get it organised.

We’ve organised a deal with the hotel which gets attendees an ensuite room, Friday night to Sunday afternoon, B&B, including full con entry, for just £99 for BITS members.

Watch out for further details as they appear here on the web site.
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